Publishing and Production

Whatevr Fanzine is a Pantin FRANCE-based company that creates daring and fresh creative projects. 

We’re here for all your needs in print, digital content, copy writing, TV, or institutional communications.

Custom Support

We aim to simplify your work and be your go-to for all communication projects. 

Our skills and know-how are here to offer you unique, tailored solutions that don’t skimp on quality.

Executive Production

We’re your top choice for photography and film shoots across Europe. 

Thanks to our broad network and close ties with our team and service providers, we can promise full control of production costs.

Tomorrow’s Advertising

We’re a highly-connected, flexible, and inventive company, always on the lookout for the next big thing. 

We come up with solutions for the digital age, ready to meet the needs of future advertising.

Experience, Understanding & Flexibility

After 15 years in the audio-visual world, we’ve gathered solid knowledge of the field and a knack for adaptation. 

Our solutions are creative, budget-friendly, and always custom-fit to each project’s needs.

Your Co-Production Ally

No matter the size of the project, our goal remains the same. We’re flexible, quick to respond, and adaptable, ready to develop alternative tools and become your co-production partner. 

Offering safe and suitable expertise is our top priority.

At Whatevr Fanzine, we’re all about making things simple and easy. 

We’re here for those seeking the extraordinary in the everyday.

Photo editor & founder

Sébastien Jardini

Fashion director & founder

Jessica Santini


Produced by Whatevr Fanzine Productions


Johanna Ikeng

Creative direction

Sébastien Jardini & Jessica Santini

Digital Editor

Laetitia Prieur


Agence KD

+33(0)1 42 46 02 20


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