In 2016, Whatevr Fanzine sprang to life from the creative minds of artists, photographers, and graphic designers in the fashion world.

Sparked by passion and a drive to innovate, they introduced the first issue of what would become a trailblazing publication.

Like the underground music fanzines of the '70s, WTVR serves as a creative beacon, illuminating and celebrating today's and tomorrow's subcultures.

Whatevr Fanzine is more than just a magazine.
It's a project that champions the unconventional and encourages curiosity.

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Twice a year, WHATEVR FANZINE leads its readers on an adventure, exploring fresh perspectives. 

Be it fashion, society, design, or photography, we dive into a new theme with an offbeat approach and a burning curiosity.

WHATEVR FANZINE isn’t just a collection of pages ; it’s a launchpad for questioning norms and shaping new possibilities. 

It’s a call to think differently, to push back against the ordinary, and to embrace limitless creativity.

By partnering with WTVR Fanzine, you’re joining a creative force that continually tests limits. 

You become part of a movement that inspires, provokes, and celebrates bravery and innovation. 

Investing in WTVR Fanzine is planting a flag in the bold terrain of tomorrow.


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